Snow Shoveling

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Feb. 8, 1907

Snow Shoveling

It is a noticeable fact that those living near the outskirts of the city are nearly always the first to get the snow removed from their sidewalks. Out in the suburbs they rise early and make paths, then they have the pleasure of wading to the center of town through snow which is not being removed by the slower residents.

A member of the fire department suggests that it would be a good plan for property owners having fire plugs near their homes to clear the snow away from about them, so that the hose could be attached without loss of time in case of need. A winter fire sometimes does great damage and the man who cleans the snow away from the hydrant may be preparing a means of saving greater loss to himself.

In almost every part of town there is a big piece of vacant ground, in front of  which the walk is never cleared except when the city department gets busy. Owing to no house being on the lots snow shoveling is not looked after by the owner. Such stretches are always dreaded by the man, woman or boy who must take that route to and from town.

The man who clears his sidewalk promptly and looks to sprinkling ashes when it is icy is always blessed by pedestrians who travel his way. If even a path is cleared it is a big help. More hardship than is realized is endured by working girls and boys who go to town early in the morning and walk nearly all the way through the drifts. A sigh of relief is always breathed when a fine, clear, space is reached.

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