Plans For Work on New Library

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Feb. 17, 1903

Plans For Work on New Library

Will be Commenced as Soon as Contract is Let for Setting Marble Now on Hand

Little Remains to be Done

With Setting of Marble Building is Practically Finished. Hoped to Open May 15.

Work on the new library building will recommence just as soon as the contract is let for the setting of the car marble which now stands in the Minnneapolis (sic) & St. Louis yards, consigned to the Northern Building company, and awaiting a claimant. One of the members of the library board stated this morning that there would be no difficulty in securing the contents of the car as soon as needed.

The library board has extended a proposition to the Vermont Granite & Marble company, which furnished the marble, to look after its setting also, and is awaiting a reply, which is expected shortly. It is considered highly probable that the contract will go to these parties.

The marble now in the yards comprises all that is needed for the completion of the building. It is for wainscoting, floor and stairs, and when it is in place the new library will be practically finished.

The steel book racks have arrived and are ready to be put in place; the woodwork is finished,a nd the electric fixtures are ordered. As yet however, no furniture has been ordered.

An effort will be made to hurry the work along so that the date of opening Fort Dodge’s fine new library building may be on May 15, the twenty-ninth anniversary of the starting of the library in this city. Whether this can be accomplished or not, is a matter which depends on many things, but the building will be finished by then if possible, and the occasion of the opening will be marked with appropriate exercises.


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