Marble Season in Full Blast

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Feb. 28, 1905

Marble Season in Full Blast

Fort Dodge Dealers Are Kept Busy Supplying the Small Youth With Marbles.

The Games Remain the Same

In Some Ways the Class of Marbles Has Been Bettered, But Still The Higher Classes Are Not in As Big Demand.

The small boy and marbles are connected in everyone’s thoughts at this time of year, and no matter if the streets are covered with mud, you can find the small boy at his game everywhere you go. The local dealers report the sale this year as being very large, and that already, hundreds of thousands have been disposed of.

One dealer in speaking of the matter to a Messenger reporter this morning said that the class of marbles most in demand continued to be the “comies” and “chinies,” while “glassies” held a good place in the sale. He said that as far as he knew there was little demand for the more expensive agates or cornelians this year.

The small boy changes his whims with the marble constantly. One dealer says that he finds the crockery marbles, that is in marble terms the “crockeries” were in big demand. These marbles are more expensive than either the “comies” or “chinies” but are still a cheap grade of marble. This man said that two years back the demand for these was very small but last year it grew greatly, and that before the end of this season he expect4ed that the demand for these would out reach all others.

With the older marble players, the “crockeries” and “glassies” will be used almost exclusively, as the cheaper grade do not make a big enough stake for the players with the more pronounced gambling spirit in them. Thus far however the sale has been confined to the cheaper grades, but as the season advances, the dealer expect that the sale of the better classes will grow greater.

The games played by the marble players have not changed much so far this season, and as a rule the games are the same as have been played for year. Of course as the streets are muddy, much of the playing so far is the games “Odd or Even” of (sic) “Five or Under Five” or with the figures changed.


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