Another Chapter in Anderson Case

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Feb. 11, 1903

Another Chapter in Anderson Case

Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal on Account of Anderson’s Marriage to Plaintiff

$10,000 Judgment Still Stands

Anderson Appears to Have Got Him a Wife to No Purpose in Evading Judgment

John Anderson in marrying Sophia Olson got him a wife and also secured the affirmation of the judgment against him. This would appear by a decision of the supreme court, announcement of which was received here today, decides that there is no appeal now before the court, inasmuch as plaintiff and defendant have married, thus leaving the judgment still standing against Anderson.

Last week, Healy & Healy, the attorneys for the plaintiff, she who was Mrs. Olson and is now Mrs. Anderson, filed a motion showing Anderson’s marriage to the plaintiff and suggesting the dismissal of the case by the reason of the disability of Anderson, as husband to further prosecute the appeal as against his wife. The motion to dismiss the appeal was sustained by the supreme court, which has the effect of confirming the $10,000 judgment. The case now stands as though no appeal had been made.

The plaintiff’s attorneys have an attachment against hte land which was sold to satisfy the judgment, for fees. The case will come up at the March term of court.

The net result of Anderson’s attempt to defeat the lein (sic) for attorneys’ fees seems to have been to have the whole judgment against him affirmed. Instead of his marriage effecting his purpose, it has resulted in depriving him of whatsoever chance he had in his appeal, as the judgment is now in force and effect to the sum of $10,000.

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