The Child Will Live

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 19, 1907

The Child Will Live

Marvellous (sic) Recovery of Infant Found in Vault Yesterday

The infant child found yesterday in a privy vault back of a residents on north 1st astreet (sic), where it had been cast by its mother a short time after birth, according to her own admissions, will recover says Dr. McCreight, the physician in charge. The case is an almost miraculous one. The child was apparently chilled almost to death when found. Ice was frozen on parts of its body. Good care accomplished wonders and today the little one is red and rosy with good changes for complete recovery. The child and its mother, who says her name is Sarah Shaw, are still at the city hospital. The mother makes no statement or explanation. She does not deny the atempt (sic) to make away with her child. Little is known regarding her. She had been at the Clark home where the child was given birth only a few weeks.

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