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What They Say

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 22, 1907

What They Say

“I think the next building season will be good in Fort Dodge – plenty of work in sight for brick layers.”
-Geo. Guth.

“A Humboldt county farmer has a calf which was born without eyes or tail. An effort will be made to get it to exhibit at the Redmen circus.”
-Alfred DeLano.

“In view of the proposed use of water power fro the Des Moines river I suggest for the booster button the motto ‘Don’t knock: just dam.”
-Member Commercial Club.

“Some of the horses about Fort Dodge look as if they were not fit to be in service. They are two thin to be at work. One sees dray teams and hack teams that look asĀ  if they needed a few weeks of rest badly. I always like to see dumb animals receive good care and it seems as if a real S.P.C.A. is needed here.”
-A Citizen.