Des Moines Bowlers Meet Crushing Defeat

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 1, 1903

Des Moines Bowlers Meet Crushing Defeat

Fort Dodge Representatives Carry Off Victory by 82 Pins – Make a Remarkable Score.

Fort Dodge bowlers walked all over the Hawkeye club of Des Moines, in the five game match which was rolled in Des Moines on Wednesday evening. The Fort Dodge representatives made a total score of 2767, to 2685 made by the Des Moines bowlers, winning by 82 pins. The score for the first game was 1001 for Fort Dodge, to 870 for the Hawkeyes. The score made by the Fort Dodge men is a very high one and it is unusual that such a total is reached in competition.

The team went to Boone today, and is expected to roll there this afternoon and evening.

It includes the following members:


(Editor’s note: with 5 members, the score averages to 200 per game, or 553 for the series.)

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