What They Say

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 14, 1906

What They Say

“A white Christmas would make trade better for everybody. Unless snow comes it will hardly seem like Christmas at all and if the streets and ground are bare of snow it is certain the merchants will have less trade than if a good covering of white would come.”

-William Mulroney.

■ ■ ■

“All of the business men along the street are wishing for a fall of snow this week. They think the holiday trade will be heavier if there is snow on the ground. At any rate sales on boy’s sleds will be light if the snow doesn’t come.”

-S.A. Smith

■ ■ ■

I was out to Storm Lake this week ice-boating. it’s great sport. Got skating and all the other winter sports beat a whole city block. We  went a distance of two miles in four minutes once, and some other records almost as good.”

-George Somers

■ ■ ■

“If there is one person who ought to write plainly, it is a doctor. It is so easy to make a mistake in reading illegible writing, and because of the similarity of the scientific names of the various drugs and compounds, the prescription clerk is as liable to read one thing as the other, if the writing is not plain and readable. I know one physician in the city who writes his prescriptions on a typewriter, which is an excellent way, and sure to make mistakes in reading impossible.

-Dr. H.G. Ristine

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