The Congregational Bazaar

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 5, 1905

The Congregational Bazaar

In Crawford Building on North Sixth – Pretty Booths – Chicken Pie Supper Tonight.

The Crawford Building on North Sixth is the scene of the Congregational bazaar today and Wednesday. Booths of artistic design have been erected and trimmed with many different paper flowers. Yellow, and pink and blue booths, surround the walls, in which an unusually pretty display of Christmas gifts are temptingly arrayed.

The apron booth, which is in charge of Mrs. F.M. Ely, is hung in white curtains and trimmed with yellow chrysanthemums. At this booth fancy aprons and kitchen aprons can be secured. The Sunday School display at the next booth is worthy of comment. The boys have done their share here as well as the girls. An ironing board of beautiful symmetry is is (sic) one of the donations of the boys. Mrs. Charles Kline has a splendid booth of water color paintings which she has placed on sale at the bazaar. She is an adept at the work as her display plainly shows.  The baby booth in charge of Mrs. Eugene Hook, and the doll booth under the management of Mrs. Harry Vincent are artistically arranged along the north side of the room. Baby clothes of dainty texture are sold at the one and dolls of every variety are for sale at the other. Mesdames Charles Fisher and W.G. Jankins have charge of the fancy work booth which is filled with the finest of needlework.

A chicken pie supper will be served this evening at six o’clock to which all of the friends of the church are invited.

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