Stop It!

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 20, 1906

Stop It!


Mail order buying.

On December 24th The Messenger will begin the publication of a series of articles by Fort Dodge business men and all others indiscriminate of class setting forth facts and opinions on mail order buying that will interest every person who buys or sells. As told on the front page of The Messenger tonight, mial order houses are increasing their business in this locality by strides. If the pace keeps up it can mean nothing but the utter demoralization of trade. Every dollar that is sent to a catalogue house is a dollar lost in building up the community form which it is sent. Read what The Messenger will publish next week, ponder, reflect and when you have finished brood, ruminate and reflect again. By that time you will have arrived at a conclusion the essence of which is having learned “which side your bread is buttered on.”


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