The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 5, 1903

Seven Hundred Children in Scramble For Sweets

Sturges Company Gives Away Candy – Many Children to Take Advantage of Gifts.

This afternoon at two o’clock Central avenue between Eighth and Ninth streets was a scene of tumult and confusion, and it looked as though all of the children in Fort Dodge had gathered there, and lined up in front of the Sturges store building. The Sturges company had anounced (sic) that it would give away candy at that time today, and several hundred children were present to take advantage of the offer. There was much strife and confusion among the children, as not all of them were successful in getting their share of the treats.

(Editor’s note: It sounds like a current Black Friday rush. This year’s Black Friday included a woman who allegedly sprayed pepper spray on fellow shoppers, a man who died in a Target store while shoppers and Target employees ignored him, and a shooting incident where shoppers refused to give up their purchases to robbers in the parking lot and a man was shot. Merry Christmas, indeed.)

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