May Affiliate With Y.W.C.A.

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 1, 1903

May Affiliate With Y.W.C.A.

Mosaic Club May Become a Branch of Young Woman’s Christian Association.

State Secretary is Coming

Will Be in City Friday, December 18 – Many Advantages to be Derived.

Miss A. Estelle Paddock, state secretary of the Young Woman’s Christian Association, will be in Fort Dodge Friday, December 18, and will remain over Sunday. Her visit is at the invitation of the Mosaic club. At a recent business meeting it was the unanimous voice of the members that steps be taken toward affiliating that society, so well known in Fort Dodge, with the larger, more broadly known work of the Young Woman’s Christian Association.

Some of the reasons for this step are as follows:

  1. Affiliation brings the Mosaic club in close touch with an organized work of world-wide scope, and makes it possible for the local society to get help and inspiration from a society of broad experience and thorough organization.
  2. Affiliation puts the club in a position to receive regular visits from the state Y.W.C.A. secretary, or from a national secretary if the needs of the local work demand it, and constant supervision of the work by the state and national organization.
  3. It makes it possible for the club to be represented at the State Y.W.C.A. conventions, the Lake Geneva summer conferences, and other helpful meetings of the world’s work.
  4. It makes it necessary for the club to become an incorporated body under state law. At present the Mosaic club could not inherit property if any one were disposed to leave it a fortune.
  5. It puts the society in a position to secure a trained secretary to direct its efforts.


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