Matrimony and Teacher Supply

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 3, 1903

Matrimony and Teacher Supply

Former Has Much to Do With Keeping Latter at Serious Low Figure.

Six Schools Are Closed

Boards Unable to Secure Instructors to Take Charge of Them.

There is a dearth of school teachers in Webster county. The fall term has closed and the winter term has just begun. While the supply of teachers was none too large during the fall term it is even smaller now than it was then and the school secretaries as well as the county superintendent are having no little trouble filling the vacancies which exist in the school districts. At the present time six schools are closed for no other reason than that the teachers cannot be found to take charge of them. The scarcity was felt to even a greater extent a short time ago, but the situation at present is serious enough to satisfy those to whom falls the duty of supplying school ma’ams.

Webster county experienced a teacher famine last winter and many reasons were advanced as to the cause. There is one good reason given this year why there is a difference in the number of teachers available for the winter term being smaller than the number for the fall term. Dan Cupid and his pranks incidently (sic) followed by a matrimonial ceremony has had something to do with the scarcity. No less than six instructors have left the ranks of the school-ma’am and joined the ranks of those who have experimented with the connubial venture.

The scarcity of teachers some time ago was relieved to a certain extent by obtaining teachers outside the county. At present the school boards of the various district (sic) where the schools are closed, together with the county superintendent, are making every effort to begin their winter terms.


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