Letters to Santa

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 5, 1906

Letters to Santa

A Child’s Poem.

The Messenger is in receipt of the poem below which is said to have been written by a little girl eleven years old. Her name is unknown. The poem is entitled “The Fort Dodge Christmas Tree,” and is as follows:

Maybe in other cities fair
When Santa Claus comes round,
He’ll leave some mighty pretty things
For his boys and girls that’s found,

But one thing sure of Santa Claus,
And I sure know, you see,
He’ll save some fine and pretty toys
For the Fort Dodge Christmas tree.

I can’t tell why he always brings
His best toys to us here
But guess ’tis cause we write him
Such nice letters every year.

And show him such a jolly time,
‘Specially Tom and me,
That he just puts on the very best
On the Fort Dodge Christmas tree.

■ ■ ■

Dear Old Santie,

Won’t you bring me a doll,
to of them, one large and one small,
A bed and a chair and a story book
With pictures rare
And a woolon dog with curly hair,
And some candy and nuts, with popcorn balls
And, dear old Santa, I guess that’s all.
Now don’t for get our no. and street
And I’s got big stockings because I’s got big feet

1422 11th Ave south
Fort Dodge, Iowa

■ ■ ■

Dear old Santa Clause,

I want a doll
And a doll cab
Bring John a rocking horse
And a story book
And we both want a box of candy
Your loving little girl

Catherine Ryan

■ ■ ■

Dear Santa Claus how are you. I want a store, a big doll and a sled duble runner skates and a pair of furs and doll go cart and a little soeing muchine and a trunk and a washing mishine and a box of wrighting paper and a chair that’s all. Now don’t forget my adress is 1243 6 ave n and 13 street.

Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Good by Sant Claus.

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