Letters to Santa

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 10, 1906

Letters to Santa

Dec. 7, 1906
Moorland, Iowa

Dear Santa Clause:

I want you to bring me a rubber ball, and a slate, a pencil box, a horn and a drum, are you going to in a buggy, or a sled? Where to you live in the summer time.

Please bring me a top. I guess that will be all


Ray Flaherty
Moorland, Iowa

■ ■ ■

Fort Dodge, Ia.
Dec. 7, 1906

Dear Santa Claus:

as it is getting pretty near Christmas I will write you a little letter I am a little boy 6 years old and live near the Olson Park. I hope you will find my home all right well Dear Santy will you Please Bring me a drum skates and a sled and a train of cars and a sak of nuts and candy and popcorn balls O yes and Blugle horn. well Santy if you have not got what I ask for send what ever you think best.

yours truely,

Glenn Newsum.

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