Has Work for The Police

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 5, 1905

Has Work for The Police

Woman Says That Hpynotists (sic) Fleeced Fort Dodge People of Large Sums.

An unknown woman called up police headquarters this morning and stating that she had some work for the police of the city, called for Captain Long.

To this gentleman she divulged the information that a hypotist (sic) with rooms on Third avenue north, had by means of his power fleeced Fort Dodge people out of more than a thousand dollars during the last two weeks. She stated that he had enticed parties in the neighborhood to the place and had persuaded them to return later bringing all their spare cash.

After a week of this kind of transaction she claimed that he left the city. The police think that the entire affair is utterly without foundation, but will nevertheless give the premises where the grafter is said to have been located, a visit.

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