Fort Dodge’s Live Ones: Harry Holm

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 15, 1906

Fort Dodge’s Live Ones: Harry Holm

Santa Claus is the original “live one” and perhaps a picture of him should appeal in a Christmas edition but Harry Holm makes a pretty good looking type for Santa Claus,a nd being a local man we prefer to illustrate him in this space. The county warrants that have been passed over the counter by the present auditor of Webster county have made the many recipients feel as grateful as though they were getting attention from Santa Claus. They recognize a relationship between the two personages.

The cartoonist has caught Mr. Holm with some of his favorite interests in plain sight. He is a railroad man by training and persued the occupation with success for many years. Under the former owners of the M & St. L. he was assistant superintendent of the entire railway. In those days if he wanted to put a locomotive under his arm and “heft” it he had the authority to do it.

Future historians will give Mr. Holm the credit that is due him for the securing of the Newton & Northwestern railroad in Fort Dodge at a time when the railroad situation was causing much anxiety to our people. Business men here had spent the hot days of nearly all one summer raising pledges of funds to bring the Crooked Creek railway here, only to find in the end th at their efforts were put forth in response to a hot air proposition. Just at that moment of chagrin and disappointment J.L. Blake, manager of the Newton & Northwestern, began inquiring of his old friend and former comrade in railroad work, Harry Holm, about the feasibility of extending their road to Fort Dodge. The boosting that Mr. Holm did for the new extension was of the thoroughbred variety and it was but a few weeks until the deal had been closed. We hope the Interstate Commerce Commission will unanimously vote Mr. Holm a perpetual pass on the Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern Railway for his good work.

The subject of Masonry is very near to the fraternal heart of Mr. Holm and he is up on all its higher branches. But for real, absorbing interest during the summer season base ball has all the other interests “lashed to the mast.” Fandom has no greater crank than he, and if by fate it is decided that Riverside Park shall not resound to the rooting of the crowds next summer a silent spectre will haunt the hallowed spot where Boyle’s troops have twice nobly fought for the pennant and landed so high they could peek over at the prize. That ghost-like slender form will belong to County Auditor Holm.

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