Give Six Hundred Dollars to Charity

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 18, 1905

Give Six Hundred Dollars to Charity

Unknown Corpus Christi Parishioner Will Give That Amount to  the Poor.

An announcement was made by Monsignor Lennihan (sic) at mass at Corpus Christi church Sunday morning which has created no little excitement among the members of the parish. It was to the effect that a lady member of the congregation had made known her intention of giving the sum of six hundred dollars (about $14,370 today) for charitable purposes at once.

The name of the coming donor was witheld (sic), but it was announced that some time ago she had made a mental resolve that if a certain desired wish was obtained she would advance the above sum for charitable purposes. That wish, stated Monsignor Lenihan has been realized, and the amount is to be given, as stated.

Much speculation is going on in the minds of the people of Corpus Christi as to the identify of the generous giver, whose name is kept concealed. The manner in which the money will be disposed of has not yet been announced.

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