Fire at Corpus Christi Academy

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 16, 1903

Fire at Corpus Christi Academy

Early This Morning For Time Threatens Destruction of Building

Starts in the Furnace Room

Blaze Discovered by Sisters at 3 A.M. – First Floor is Badly Damaged.

Spontaneous combustion in the coal room of the Corpus Christi academy, situation at the north end of Eighth street, was the cause of a run by the fire department at an early hour this morning to extinguish a blaze which for a time threatened the destruction of the building. The fire was extinguished only thru the utmost efforts of the firemen and that the damage was not greater is due to its early discovery and the prompt arrival of the department.

The loss could not be estimated today, although it is probable that much of the first floor of the building will have to be replaced. The remainder of damage is due to smoke, which for a time filled the entire structure.

The blaze was discovered at 3 o’clock this morning by members of the order of Sisters of Charity, who have charge of the school and live in the building. The firemen found the blaze to be confined to the northwest corner of the basement where is situated the coal and furnace room. Before the department could control the flames the latter had burned thru the floor of the room above and promised to envelope the entire building. The blaze was finally controlled and extinguished.

To spontaneous combusion (sic) can be assigned the only cause whereby the fire could have found its origin. An early discovery undoubtedly prevented a bad fire.

Corpus Christi academy is a new building, dedicated a year ago last October and its loss would means no little to the congregation of the Corpus Christi church.


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