Even Tired of Turkey

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 5, 1906

Even Tired of Turkey

An Incident of the Day After Thanksgiving.

A butcher tells the following story as an incident happening the day after Thanksgiving:

“Sir,” said an unhappy individual, walking into his shop, “please lead me to some delicate dish – something that’s easy to eat, something on the other side of the house from turkey, cranberries and oyster dressing. If we eat today it’s only because it’s custom. I don’t believe anyone’s hungry at our house. We fed turkey to the family, the cat, the dog and the bird. I suppose we’ll have turkey hash today and turkey pie tomorrow. The ‘Review of Reviews,’ I call it. Show me something to break the monotony.” The butcher finally fixed him out with  some kind of meat as far from turkey as possible. He says the incident is an old and happens a good many times after Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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