Christmas With Fort Dodge Poor

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 16, 1905

Christmas With Fort Dodge Poor

People of City Make Plans to Aid Them Wherever Possible

County Already Overtaxed

Is Only Able to Provide Necessities – Figures Show 200 People Now Cared For in City at the County’s Expense.

With the near approach of the Yuletide season it is well to give a thought to those within the city who are unable to partake in the spirit of the time, in so far as the same relates to good cheer and plenty.

A visit to the commissioner of the poor this morning, and inquiries as to the situation with the needy has brought forth the information that the county is already overtaxed in providing the poor of Fort Dodge with necessities, and that absolutely no provision can be made for Christmas.

40 Families Cared For.

At the present time forty families in the city of Fort Dodge, and more than two hundred separate persons are being cared for at the county’s expense. The poor fund is overdrawn in doing this, even through no attempt is made to provide the needy with more than the bare necessities of life, extending merely to fuel and food. Clothing is given by the Mosaic club, Salvation Army and Associated Charities in considerable amounts, and these organizations lend a helping hand in providing food and coal also. But even under this circumstances all are taxed to the utmost to keep body and soul together in many families that exist in poverty, dirt and squalor in the lower parts of the city.

An earnest appeal for aid, from the well-to-do people of the city is made by the county and by the charitable organizations of the city, for help in providing with more than the usual fare, and attempting to bring Christmas cheer into the homes of the poor during the coming week.

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