A Joke on the Chronicle

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Dec. 16, 1905

A Joke on the Chronicle

Where the Interesting Letters to Santa Claus Received by it, Came From

For the past week the Chronicle has been regaling its readers with cute, witty little letters, written by the little folks to Santa Claus, and placed in care of the Chronicle. The space killing pastime has evidently amuse the scribe on the aforesaid daily, and each day’s edition has contained a few of the missive. They kept pouring in, and finally announcement was made that on Saturday all those that had accumulated up to that time would be run. The little folks were given a “jolly” about the good old Saint Nick, told how he turned over the letters to them, and instructed to watch for Saturday’s issue to see their letters inprint.

It may be interesting to Chronicle readers to learn that a member of the Messenger staff, appreciating the bobby of the rival scribe decided to aid him a little in his work, and has spent his spare time during the long evenings of the past few days writing in a scrawling hand, the letters that the Chronicle has been re-producing. The writer will enjoy very much seeing his letters in print.

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