Receives 1,100 Volts and Lives

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Nov. 12, 1903

Receives 1,100 Volts and Lives

Peter Carney Experiences an Electric Shock Sufficient to Kill Ordinary Man.

Is Able to Work Today

Accidentally Leans Against Switchboard and Falls to Floor Unconscious.

Receiving thru his body an electrical shock of 1,100 volts at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, within an hour reviving after he was apparently dead, and returning to work this morning showing no ill effects of the shock aside from a slight stiffness of the knees, is the experience of Peter Carney, an employe (sic) of the Fort Dodge Light and Power Company.

Wednesday afternoon Carney approached the brink of death about as close as a human being can go and live to tell of it. He accidentally leaned against a switchboard thru which was passing an electrical current of 1,100 volts strength. With a groan he fell to the floor and lay there to all appearances dead. Fortunately for him there was near a person who knew not exactly “first aid to the injured,” but “first aid to the electrocuted.” Carney was revived and within a short time was able to get on his feet and later to walk about.

The accident occurred at the power house of the Fort Dodge Light and Power company while Carney with a number of other men was engaged in putting in place several pieces of heavy machinery which are part of the improvements the company is making to his plant.

When it is known that persons are often killed by an electrical current of 500 voltage, the same used in operating street cars, the intensity of Carney’s shock can be fully realized. Carney is a man of large physique, weighing over 200 pounds. He had only recently entered the employ of the Light and Power company and it seems was unaware of the dangerous nature of electricity. While assisting in unloading the machinery he was several times cautioned to be careful in passing the switchboard. No one saw him when he received the shock.  The first known of the accident was a groan or scream that issued form his lips as he fell unconscious on the floor.

Superintendent Comstock, who had charge of the work, instantly realized what had hapened (sic) and in a few seconds after Carney had fallen was at work over the prostrate man. The jaws of the latter were tightly closed, but the superintendent in a few minutes succeeded in inducing artifical respiration. When partially revived, Carney was was (sic) assisted to his feet and with Superintendent Comstock as a support was moved about. Later he fully regained consciousness, but it was some time before he was able to understand what had happened.

This morning he returned to work as usual.

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