Fort Dodge Boy on the Missouri

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Nov. 8, 1904

Fort Dodge Boy on the Missouri

Charles Dunsmore, Who is in the Navy Returns to His Duties.

Has Been in Navy Three Years

Has Visited in Many Countries Since He Enlisted – Spent Summer in The Mediteranean (sic) Sea and Will Spend Winter in West Indies.

Charles Dunsmore, the Fort Dodge boy on the battleship Missouri, who has been visiting at his home in this city for the past ten days, left for Boston Saturday night where the ship is located. Dunsmore has been in the navy for three years and likes the life. He was on the Missouri last summer when the awful accident occurred in in (sic) which several of the gunners in one of the thirteen inch turrets were killed.

Since his visit to his home in this city last May, he has been with this ship in every country in southern Europe bordering on the sea. He spent some time in Greece and also visited the cities of Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. He secured a few days lay off while in each of these countries, and with companions visited interesting cities.

This winter Dunsmore expects the squadron will be located in the West Indies. They have spent each winter there since he joined and he understands that orders to spend this winter there have been given. The Missouri belongs to the battleship squadron of the North Atlantic fleet. In this same squadron is the Kentucky, on which ship Robert Wolverton of this city is an electrician.

Dunsmore is an apprentice and holds as a position, the title of second gunner, on one of the eight inch guns of this ship. He says he is glad he enlisted, and thinks the experience he will get will do him good. He says that although he would not like to take up the navy as a life vocation, he still thinks that five or less years of it will help many.

One sees lots of the world while in the navy. Since Dusnmore joined he  has visited the countries of southern Europe and northern Africa and South America and the West Indies. He thinks that he will be able to get an assignment next summer to a ship that will sail in the waters of northern Europe. In this way he will be able to see Great Britain, Germany, Russia,  northern France, and the Scandinavia (sic) countries.

He said while here that he may try later to get an assignment to a ship on the Pacific squadron. This would enabe (sic) him to see the Philippines, Asia and probably other islands in the south sea. He does not want to do this until he has seen northern Europe, as when one is detailed to the Pacific squadron he is not able to return here until the time  of his enlistment is out. He says that there are many thing (sic) about the life in the navy that are reverse, as is the case in every kind of life.

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