F.R. Ingersoll is Dismissed

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Nov. 4, 1904

F.R. Ingersoll is Dismissed

Grand Jury Found Evidence Against Him Insufficient to Justify a Bill Being Brought.

After going over the evidence in the cage thoroughly, the grand jury returned no bill against F.R. Ingersoll the former agent of the Great Western railroad company in this city, who was charged with default to the extent of $700. Ingersoll’s case has been brought up before the district court for the last two terms, and he has been under bonds for several months. The case was to have come up at a former session, but for some reason was carried over to this term with the result that he is now a free man and may go where he will without bonds.

Mr. Ingersoll was for several years the trusted agent of the company here, and when he was released by another man (and) was placed under arest, (sic) the surprise was general. The arrest was made on an alleged shortage on the amount stated above. His friends will be much pleased to hear that the evidence against him was not strong enough to hold him

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