Dismay Among Teachers

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Nov. 9, 1906

Dismay Among Teachers

Nearly Half of Those Who Took Recent Exams in Webster County Failed.

Recent returns received by county Superintendent M.P. Somes from the state examining board at Des Moines have caused untold dismay and chagrin among the teachers of Webster county for out of thirty-three who took the examination here under the new law, sixteen failed utterly.

This is a surprise in the extreme. The questions were easy but evidently the state board marked extremely close and the new examination law on this, its first trial, has fallen into marked disfavor in Webster county.

Mr. Somes says that as the result of so many teachers being turned down Webster county will be short of enough to fill the schools by about twenty-eight. The results of the examination came as almost as much of a surprise to Mr. Somes as to the teachers. Many of those who were turned down were old and tried teachers who had good records. Several others who had first and second grade certificates for years got only third grade.

Other counties have been treated about the same and indications are that as the result of the state board’s close marking and strictness the state will have a big shortage on teachers this year.

Mrs. Somes, in order to fill the many vacancies in Webster county schools will hold a special examination in his office November 21, 22 and 23. This will of course, be under the same ruling and all papers will have to be sent to Des Moines for grading.

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