Currency Burned in Stove

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Nov. 8, 1905

Currency Burned in Stove

Mrs. Bell of This City Places Money in Stove for Safe Keeping With Bad Results

Alarmed by the burglaries of the city during the last few months, Mrs. L. Bell of Third Avenue south, a few weeks ago placed some eleven or twelve dollars in bills and coin in a stove for safe keeping.

At that time no fire was being kept and she considered the place an ideal one for the safe keeping of the money. A cold day dawned on the city a short time ago and a member of the family knowing nothing of the money in the stove lighted a fire, with the natural result that a few minutes later found the money charred to cinders. The ashes of the bills remained intact, and they were carefully gathered up and taken to the First National bank, from where they were sent to the government.

A short time ago, Mrs. Bell received payment from the government for the destroyed money, but owing to the fact that not all of the charred peices (sic) were gathered up, she was refunded only about half the amount of her loss. The silver was blackened, but not disfigured so as to make it unpassable as the coin of the realm.

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