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Week Busy One With Supervisors

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 29, 1910

Week Busy One With Supervisors

Many Drainage Ditches and Other County Works Being Visited and Inspected by County Board.

The present week is a busy one with the members of the Webster county board of supervisors, and since Monday morning the members of that body hae been going early and late inspecting drainage ditches and other county work in various parts of the county.

During Monday the board visited Drainage Ditch No. 123 for the purpose of making a change in the location of the tile.

Tuesday Drainage Ditch No. 91, was inspected, as was also the new cement bridge over Brushy creek, south of Duncombe. This bridge has a 55 feet arch and is a handsome piece of work.

Wednesday Drainage Ditch No. 73, located in Newark township was inspected by the county board and this morning they left the city for a visit of inspection to Drainage Ditch No. 57, east of the city, planning to look over the tile laterals with a view of accepting the same.