Literary Clubs Organized Today

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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: Sept. 30, 1910

Literary Clubs Organized Today

High School Pupils Meet This Evening to Organize for Year’s Literary Work.

The literary clubs of the High School will meet this evening at the close of school for the purpose of organization and electon (sic) of officers. At a recent meeting of the faculty it was decided to organize the school into five clubs in addition to the old Psi Chi and Delta Rho societies. The clubs have been named in accordance with the different branches of work which they are to take up: Debating, Magazine, Travel, Art and Dramatic.

The pupils are allowed to choose their own club and each club is to be under the supervision of one or two teachers. Each club will give four general programs during the year and the clubs will meet on alternate Fridays.

The enrollment for the clubs began a week ago and the membership now stands: Debate, 37; Magazine, 23; Travel, 33; Art, 31; Dramatic, 37; Delta Rho, 45 and Psi Chi, 46. Mr. Boardman will have charge of the debating club, Miss Bozarth of the magazine, Misses Padmore and Mauthe of the travel, Misses Pittman and Freeman of the art and Misses Bessee and Williams of the dramatic. The Delta Rho and Psi Chi societies will each be in charge of two teachers.

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