Youngest Local Business Man

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 7, 1905

Youngest Local Business Man

George Bowen Opens Electrical Supply House.

Is Only Sixteen Years of Age, and Said to Be the Youngest of Fort Dodge Business Men.

Who is the youngest business man in Fort Dodge?

This question would have been hard to answer until Thursday. But after Thursday when George Bowen opened to the public an electric supply establishment on upper Central avenue, where a large sign displayed in front of his stand just east of Leighton Bros. bears the inscription “Electrical Wonders at Little Prices.” There  is abundant evidence that he is Fort Dodge’s youngest hustling business man. He is just sixteen years of age.

The young merchant has a stock of electrical supplies such as door bells and incandescent globes and batteries. He also has in operation the smallest electric fan in the city; its diameter being only two inches.

His first day’s business on Thursday was very satisfactory. He is a local Edison, having always been interested in electricity and has taken every opportunity to study the phenomena, being a faithful reader of every book on the subject he could find and is well informed. He also has done considerable work in fiting electric bells for several years. His many friends will wish him success in his new venture.

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