Tells the Mayor What to Do

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 5, 1905

Tells the Mayor What to Do

Mayor Bennett Receives Communication With Instructions

Regulate Speed of Autos

No Name is Signed But Writer Says Autos Are Running About City Like Wild – Letter is An Insult – Will Be Disregarded.

You may think some farmer wrote this Mr. B., but never mind. It is time for you or some of your policemen to do something and control some of these autos that are running around  here like wild ACT SEE?

The above communication was received by Mayor Bennett this morning, scrawled on the back of a postal card. No name was signed to it and nothing to indicate the person who wrote it was evident about it.

The communication is an insult in every way. The person whoever he is did not dare sign his name or come out in an honest and honorable manner and ask or even demand that the speed of autos in this city be regulated, but instead took for his means of bringing the matter to the attention of the mayor the low, underhanded method of writing an insulting anonymous letter, demanding with unparalleled arrogance that the mayor and policement (sic) act, and at once.

Mayor Bennett stated to a Messenger reporter this morning that he intended to pay no attention whatever to the demand. He said he had no knowledge of autos being run in a careless manner and until a complaint was filed in an honest and honorable manner by some person who takes exception to their operation, would take no action regarding them.

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