Sends Wolf Pelt by Mail

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 20, 1903

Sends Wolf Pelt by Mail

Lehigh Man’s Novel Plan to Pay His Taxes

Asks That County Treasurer Apply on His Taxes the Bounty of $4 Allowed for Skins

“Please apply enclosed wolf pelts on my taxes,” reads a communication from Lehigh received at the office of the county treasurer today.

The county auditor has them on his hands which have been transferred to this keeping by the county treasurer. The pelts are those of young wolves, and are worth $2 each, the bounty paid by the county. The name of the Lehigh man who has resorted to this novel manner to pay his taxes is withheld by the recipient of the letter.

The wolf pelts were wrapped in paper and sent by mail. The bounty of $4, however, cannot be applied to the taxes until the pelts are personally sworn to.

(Editor’s note: The wolf pelt bounty would be about $96 today.)


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