Concrete Work is Completed

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 20, 1903

Concrete Work is Completed

Laying of Asphalt Paving is Nearing the End.

Expected to Be Finished Within Two Weeks – Job Completed on Contract Time.

The work on the asphalt paving is fast drawing to a close. The concrete work was completed today and William Murdock, who has charge of this work and a gang of nine men, leaves tonight for Waterloo where the company has a contract.

There now remains but seven blocks to receive the asphalt surfacing, so that the entire work will be completed within two weeks. The work is finished down Second avenue north as far as Thirteenth street, and but two blocks are to be covered on Twelfth street.

Altho the weather has not been ideal the job will be completed within contract time. When the work is finished here the plant which has been used here will be taken to Waterloo.

While the paving has cost the property owners considerable, yet a great deal of the money has been left in the city. The company has had from 100 to 125 men on the pay roll which has totaled $2,000 every two weeks and a larger part of this money is left right in Fort Dodge.

Assistant cashier for the company, C.L. Howe will be in the city Friday.

W.R. McLaughlin, district manager for the company is also in the city.

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