Boys Steal a Valuable Fish Reel

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 2, 1905

Boys Steal a Valuable Fish Reel

Reel of  Very Costly Make Stolen From Wm. Matt Yesterday

Boys Confess to the Theft

Show Officer Where They Had Hidden It and Return It to Owner – Were Turned Over to Parent’s Wrath Instead of Being Prosecuted.

William Matt reported to the police this morning that a valuable reel, one of the best make that can be bought, had been stolen from a fish pole to which it was attached in his office.

Acting Chief Jay Long suspected that the theft was that of young boys who had been hanging around the place, and started on a still hunt, which resulted in his taking in charge a couple of boys ten or twelve years old, on suspicion. After a questioning on the matter they broke down and admitted that they had taken the reel. They went to a warehouse near the great Western depot where it was found hidden under some planking. The parents of the boys were notified and promised to give them a good sound thrashing and look to their actions in the future, if they would not be prosecuted. Mr. Matt having recovered his stolen property was willing to drop the matter and the boys were turned over to the wrath of their parents.

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