Boy Injured by a Dynamite Cap

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 9, 1906

Boy Injured by a Dynamite Cap

Clarence Gilbert of West Fort Dodge Almost Killed by Explosion

Was Rendered Unconscious

Was Taken to Hospital Where an Operation was Performed – is Still in a Precarious Condition – Piece of Cap Blown Into Body.

Clarence Gilbert, the 10-year-old son of Nels P. Gilbert, a miner, residing at 235 South Thirteenth street, West Fort Dodge, received what may prove to be a fatal injury by the explosion of a dynamite cap late yesterday afternoon.

The little lad, together with another boy, was playing with the cap. they had found it and did not know what it was, and with boyish curiosity young Gilbert resolved to split it open. He laid it on a stone and struck it with another, with the natural disastrous result. A piece of the cap was blown into his side directly below the heart and the lad was knocked unconscious by the force of the explosion.

He was hastily taken to the hospital, where an operation was performed and the piece of shall (sic) removed. He is resting as easily as possible under the circumstances today, but it (sic) still in a precarious condition.

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