Twine May be Cheaper

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 20, 1904

Twine May be Cheaper

Slight Decrease Possible in Binding Twine

M.J. Rodney Estimates 300,000 Pounds to Be Necessary to Handle Grain in Webster County.

Wholesale quotations on binding twine have been received by the local agency of the International Harvester company, and the prices indicate that twine this year will at least be no higher than last, and may even be a trifle lower. These quotations have just been issues (sic) by the International Harvester company, and the local retail dealers have not yet received quotations. The price of last year, which was 12 cents per pound, it is stated will probably prevail this year altho it may go lower by a quarter or half a cent.

The twine situation, is always one of much interest to the farmer, as he uses from one to several hundred pounds and in many instances much more, a half or a quarter of a cent’s difference on the pound makes considerable difference in his harvesting bill. A scarcity of fiber is claimed by the International people, and they state the price quoted by them is less than might have been expected under the circumstances.

According to an estimate of Manager M.J. Rodney, of the local agency of the International Harvester company, it will take approximately 300,000 pounds of twine to handle the small grain corp of Webster county along. The saving of even a quarter of a cent per pound on this enormous amount as a whole.

(Editor’s note: 300,000 pounds of twine at 12 cents per pound would be $36,000 [$862,181 in 2010 prices] With a quarter cent discount, the price would be $35,250 [$844,219 in 2010 prices]. With a half cent discount, the price would be $34,500 [$826,257 in 2010 prices].   A significant difference.)

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