Mayor Conducts Matrimonial Bureau

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 19, 1905

Mayor Conducts Matrimonial Bureau

Works It in Conjunction With Police Court and May Make It a Success.

Johnson Was a Little Shy

One of the Candidates Having Been Married Did Not Take Kindly to the Mayor’s Proposition – The Other Thought It a Good Thing.

Major S.J. Bennett is conducting a matrimonial bureau as a side issue along with his police court. He opened up business this morning in the new department for the first time with two candidates. One of these was a little shy when the question of matrimony was broached, and a few questions developed the fact that he had been there and had had experience.

The other candidate, when asked if he was enjoying the bliss of a home and wife made the statement that he had never married, but that he really thought it would be a good thing for him if he were joined up with some good woman. He intimated that a wife might act as ballast for his wandering craft, and hold him truer to his course. Both of the men were strongly advised to tie up as soon as possible by his honor.

Both of them were up as plain drunks and were given the usual $1 and costs, but as it was the first time for them under the present administration, they were let off. Albert Johnson, who a few months ago was one of the faithful ones, and made his appearance regularly from once to three times a week, was one of the offenders, and Frank Carter, a farmer, was the other. Carter is the man who looked with favor on the mayor’s matrimonial proposition, and it is probable that he will become a benedict in the very near future.

(Editor’s note: I can’t help but wonder how the women of the town would feel upon reading this. “Oh, joy. A couple of drunks are going to be looking for wives. And one of them has already failed at marriage.” Who wouldn’t jump at that chance?)

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