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The Fort Dodge Messenger: March 24, 1903

Police Interrupted His Circus Performance

Badly Intoxicated Character Raised a Disturbance on a Fort Dodge Front Porch

At about nine o’clock Monday evening the police were called to a residence on South Seventh street, about Fourth avenue, where it was reported a crazy man was disporting himself.

The man created a sensation by his actions. he went up on the porch and danced a regular clog dance, after which he laid upon his back and kicked the side of the house. The lady who was alone in the house with her little boy, was very much alarmed.

When the police arrived they found it to be a bad case of intoxication. The man was lodged in the city jail, and this morning in police court gave his name as Joe Woods and his residence at Irwin, Iowa. He said he was on his way to Algona, and after paying the usual fine and his city hotel bill, he was advised by the court to shake the dust of Fort Dodge from his feet and take the first train to his destination.

The other business of the court was two drunks who gave their names as O’Connell and Seabald. Seabald had just come from Minnesota to visit his folks here and thought he would celebrate and thereby have something to remember Fort Dodge by. After paying their fines the men were allowed to go.

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