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Marriage License is Granted Kalo Couple

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The Fort Dodge Chronicle: July 8, 1907

Marriage License is Granted Kalo Couple

Bride Was Probably the Youngest Ever License in Webster County, Being But Fourteen

Deputy County Clerk Lindquist has broken the record in the issuing of marriage licenses in several different ways, but this afternoon when he was called upon to issue a license to William B. Laughlin of Kalo to wed Annie May Raner of the same village, he smashed the record to small bits.

The groom confessed to having seen twenty-four winters while the bride’s age was given at fourteen. Accompanying the application for the license was a permit from the parents of the girl in which their willingness was expressed that she sould (sic) marry the young man, and the license was accordingly issued. She is probably one of the youngest brides ever licensed to wed in Webster county.

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