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The Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle: June 21, 1915

Rail Echoes

L.G. Meder, traveling passenger agent for the Union Pacific, is in the city today on business.

Fred J. Morrison, division claim agent for the Illinois Central, went to Council Bluffs today on business.

Sick List

Miss Loyala Van Rhein, is sick at her home.

Miss LaVena Decker is confined to her home with illness.

A.E. Rutter, who has been sick with typhoid fever, is slightly improved.

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. V.B. Tennant is sick with quinsy.

Miss Bessie Struthers underwent a slight operation this morning.

Mrs. George Kearby was operated on at the hospital for appendicitis, Saturday.

Notice to Not Give Credit.

My wife, Clara Mikelson, having left my bed and board, and deserted my home, notice is hereby given that I will not be responsible for her debts after this notice is published.
P.J. Mikelson

New Arrivals

Sunday a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. K. Echternacht. (Editor’s note: I’m not really sure if that initial is a K, an F or an E.)

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