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Prospect Hill “Wild Man” Taken

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 25, 1904

Prospect Hill “Wild Man” Taken

David Francis, Former Insane Patient at Poor Farm is Man.

Captured Near Oleson Park

Disappears Four Weeks Ago. Lives On Refuse Left by Picnic Parties in Oleson Park – Officers Jordan and Mericle Capture Him.

The alleged wild man who has been the subject of no little uneasiness on the part of residents of Prospect Hill for a week or more, had been captured and now occupies a cell in the county jail, where he will probably remain until committed to the asylum.

The “wild man” is David Francis, a demented man, who until four weeks ago lived in the eastern part of the city. Previous to that time he was an inmate of the county poor farm. Francis is insane, but except for him (sic) decidedly wild appearance, is not up to the standard of real wild men.

Captured Friday Night

The capture was made Friday evening by Deputy Marshal Jordan and Policeman Mericle. For several days past reports had been brought the police about the “wild man” making his apeparance (sic) and since then a search had been in progress to locate him. Friday afternoon the police were notified that he had made his appearance near the Fifteenth street viaduct where he frightened two little girls. Police were sent to the vicinity and later a search was taken up near Oleson park. It was in the ravine west of the park that Officer Mericle came upon the “wild man” and no desperate struggle ensued. Francis was taken in charge by the officer, who with Deputy Marshal Jordan brought him to the city and placed him in the county jail. When captured Francis presented many appearances of being a wild man. His long shaggy beard, ragged garments and unkempt features gave him an appearance that had he been met unexpectedly might shake the nerves of a person who could not be accused of being timid.

Had Been Inmate of Poor Farm

Francis was an inmate of the poor farm until last winter, when he was taken in charge by his sister, who lives in the east part of the city. Four weeks ago he disappeared and all efforts to find him were vain. A few days after his disappearance he was seen on the M & St. L. tracks near the Ryan property, but after that he disappeared until a week ago when he made his appearance on Round Prairie. For some time past he had been living on the refuse left at Oleson Park by picnic parties. When brought into town his shoes were tied on his feet by white ribbons, probably picked up at the park.

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Arrested at Depot Here

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 23, 1904

Arrested at Depot Here

Gambler Named McManus From Eagle Grove.

Alleged He Shot or Attempted to Shoot an Associate This Morning.

An individual giving his name as McManus arrived this morning from Eagle Grove where he is wanted by the police, via the Chicago Great Western. In accordance of the receipt of a telegram from the chief of police, Chief Welch and Captain Jordan met the train and took McManus into custody, placing him in the city jail where he will await the action of the Eagle Grove police.

McManus is a gambler by profession and yesterday had some hot words with his “pal” who accused him of dishonesty. He denied the charge, but was given until night to make good his mistakes. Somehow he managed to keep from the sight of his friend until this morning when they met and with a borrowed revolver McManus shot at him. Before he could be caught, McManus boarded a Great Western train and unnoticed hoped to escape the vigilance of the police, making good his escape on arriving here. A metal knuckle, a screw driver and several silver dollars was all that could be found on the prisoner besides a revolver one chamber of which was discharged.

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New Police Begin Duties

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: April 7, 1903

New Police Begin Duties

Marshal Ed Welch and His Men Sworn in Monday Night

Enter on Their New Duties

Marshal Welch already has some of the Beats Assigned and is Organizing the Force.

Police Marshal Ed Welch, Deputy Marshal Frank Connelly and the new police officers of the city of Fort Dodge took their oath of office and entered upon the performance of their duties on Monday night.

Marshal Welch this morning announced the beats for the new officers, so far as they have as yet been arranged. Marshal Welch and Deputy Marshal Frank Connelly will be on duty in the day time, as is customary, and Patrolman Merton Jordan has also been assigned for day duty. The day men will be on duty from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Officer J.M. Mericle will take the beat at the Illinois Central depot which was held by Myron Tuller on the old force. Peter Ditmer will have his old beat, covering the Great Western depot and yards and the eastern business district. Adolph Rossing will succeed Peter Steiner of the old force. His duty will be to look after the gas lights, and to cover the business district in the neighborhood of the square. All the night men will go on duty at 6 o’clock in the evening and off at 6 in the morning.

This leave two beats to be arranged. August Andrews is as yet not assigned any regular run, and the man whom Mayor Northrup will appoint to succeed William McNally, whose appointment was not approved by the city council on Monday evening, must also be provided for. Marshal Welch expects to have his force organized in a short time.

The vigilance of the new police resulted in the apprehension of two culprits on Monday night. Dan Daly was picked up paralyzed drunk, and was given a secure lodgement in the city jail. He was released this morning on his promise to get out of town. He gave his home as Ackley. John Doe, from Clare, this time, paid $7.10 in expiation of his offense in getting drunk and was discharged.

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