Arrested at Depot Here

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 23, 1904

Arrested at Depot Here

Gambler Named McManus From Eagle Grove.

Alleged He Shot or Attempted to Shoot an Associate This Morning.

An individual giving his name as McManus arrived this morning from Eagle Grove where he is wanted by the police, via the Chicago Great Western. In accordance of the receipt of a telegram from the chief of police, Chief Welch and Captain Jordan met the train and took McManus into custody, placing him in the city jail where he will await the action of the Eagle Grove police.

McManus is a gambler by profession and yesterday had some hot words with his “pal” who accused him of dishonesty. He denied the charge, but was given until night to make good his mistakes. Somehow he managed to keep from the sight of his friend until this morning when they met and with a borrowed revolver McManus shot at him. Before he could be caught, McManus boarded a Great Western train and unnoticed hoped to escape the vigilance of the police, making good his escape on arriving here. A metal knuckle, a screw driver and several silver dollars was all that could be found on the prisoner besides a revolver one chamber of which was discharged.

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