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Police Court Grind

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 21, 1907

Police Court Grind

Nine Offenders Cower Before Mayor. Cripple Lucky – Vags Will Labor on Streets.

Nine men picked up by the officers Saturday night and Sunday filled the jail to overflowing and made a big line up for police court this morning. Drunks and vags proved to be the roles of the offenders.

Martin Anderson and Nels Johnson, two graders on the new electric line, were charged five eighty five for their jags.

Frank Miles, Frank Davis and J. Boland were given sentences of ten days at hard labor on the city streets, the first two for vagrancy and the last for drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

“Let’s see there, you. You’re a cripple, I believe,” said the mayor, pointing out a man in the crowd who was charged with vagrancy and who gave his name as John Giles. The man significantly held up a stump of arm from which hung an empty sleeve. “Your misfortune saves you,” said the mayor. “I’ll let you go.”

Two man named Knudson and Earley were fined the regulation dollar and costs. Another, named Moran, was let go.

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Are Heavily Fined

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 29, 1906

Are Heavily Fined

Erring Couple Taken From 4th Street Rooming House get Heavy Fines in the Mayor’s Court.

On the complaint of the keeper of a South 4th street boarding house, who stated that a man and woman who were registered at the place as man and wife were evidently not married, Chief Tullar raided the place last night and arresting the two placed them in jail.

Before the mayor this morning they gave their names as Frank Richmond and Nell Earley, frankly admitting the charge against them. Richmond was fined $25 and costs and the woman $10 and costs. Both were sent to jail in default of payment. Richmond works in a lunch counter on 1st avenue south. A watch and chain stolen from the rooming house were found on him. The Earley girl is employed at the Logan house.

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