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Close Pool Halls at Eleven O’Clock

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: June 14, 1904

Close Pool Halls at Eleven O’Clock

Pool and Billiard Halls, Now Closing at all Hours, Must Close on Time.

Ordinance to be Adopted

Other Business Transacted by the City Council Monday Night.

A uniform closing hour for pool and billiard halls is to be established in Fort Dodge. The question of taking this step was a subject of discussion at the council meeting Monday night and resulted in the council’s deciding to take such action. The city solicitor was instructed to draw up an ordinannce (sic) to this effect. It will probably be presented to the council at its next meeting. At present there is no closing hour for pool and billiard halls and although no attempt has been made to open them on Sunday it is a question if  under existing conditions their closing on that day could be enforced. Complaints, the police say have been made from several sources that warrant their closing at a stated hour. At present they close at various times from 10 o’clock on.

The following petitions were presented to the council Monday night:

To have First avenue north from Ninth street to Tenth street paved full width. Granted, and Barber Asphalt company notified to make the change at the same price specified in the contract for a thirty-foot street.

From L.E. Chapin and others objecting against manner of replacing paving in the alley between Fifth and Sixth street and Central and First Avenue north taken up by the Fort Dodge Light and Power company in laying gas mains. Referred to the street and alley committee.

Contract for the construction of a sanitary sewer on Second avenue north was awarded to J.W. Mooney at the following figures:

Per lineal foot: 29 1/2 c
House connection: 25 c
Lamp holes: $7 each
Fllush tank: $27 each
Moving siphon: $3

Contract for the construction of sanitary sewer on Fifth street was awarded to C.A. Kling. The following was his bid:

15-inch pipe: 75 c
Catch basins: $26

The sewer committee reported on a proposed sewer in West Fort Dodge, recommending the sewer in question be built as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of block 1, West Fort Dodge, thence east on Fourth avenue south to Second street, thence south on Second street to Fifth avenue south; thence east on Fifth avenue south to Third street, thence south on Third street to Seventh avenue south; thence east on Seventh avenue south to Fourth street.

The report was approved and placed on file. A resolution of necessity for the same sewer was passed.

On motion the street commissioner was instructed to bring to grade the sidewalk adjoining the N. Fleet property.

The water committee reported in regard to petition for extension of water mains on Second avenue south from Sixteenth to Eighteenth street. The report which recommended that the petition be granted, was accepted.

The Salvation Army petitions the council to be granted the right to erect a temporary building on the southeast corner of Eighth street and Central avenue for the purpose of holding summer meetings. The matter has been referred to the fire committee.

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Got a Pair

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Northwest Chronicle: May 14, 1890

Got a Pair

Sheriff Adams Nails the Check Forgers and Has Them Under Arrest at Atlantic City.

Sheriff Adams has just added another to the long list of notches that he has to his credit for the capture of thieves, criminals, etc. Two months ago a stranger came to this city and perpetrated a number of successful forgeries and attempted to secure the cash for a check on the First National, to which the name of P. Butler was forged, and shortly after this he perpetrated a series of small forgeries on several merchants about the city, using the name s of L.E. Chapin and Fred Frost on the checks.

At the time he was successful in making his escape, but from the day after the forgeries Sheriff Adams has been endeavoring to place the man under arrest, and had had him located at Marshalltown, Boone, Des Moines and Carroll, and then again at Atlantic, and here he lost track of the man, who was masquerading under the name of Burke, but he furnished the sheriff of Cass county with a description of the man, and the result was that Monday he received a telegram from Atlantic stating that the man had been arrested there, and although they had tried the forged check racket in Atlantic, Sheriff Adams had been successful in getting his warrant served first, and they would be held for him.

Sheriff Adams departed for Atlantic Monday evening and will return with the man Burke and a confederate who was arrested with him, for identity by their victims here. Sheriff Adams has no doubt but that the identity will be complete and satisfactory that that the check forgers who have robbed northwestern Iowa of hundreds of dollars, will be given a long sentence and an opportunity to repent.

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