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Another Snake Story Comes From Lehigh

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: May 19, 1903

Another Snake Story Comes From Lehigh

But the Snake is Petrified – Fine Made Recently in Beem’s Clay Works

The remains of a petrified snake of unusual proportions and in a remarkable state of preservation, were discovered in Beem’s Clay works in Lehigh a few days ago.

A section near the head of what was probably a prehistoric reptile was taken out. It was about two feet in length and fully three inches in diameter. Later on, a section of the tail, of about the same length, was discovered. The men worked all day in trying to get out the middle section, which would render the speciment (sic) complete, but their efforts were unavailing.

Had the entire specimen been recovered, it is probable that his snakeship would have been sent to some museum in the state, as it was a remarkable specimen.

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