Strange Disease Attacks Calves

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 3, 1904

Strange Disease Attacks Calves

Makes Its Appearance at Willow Edge Farm with Fatal Effects.

Ten Die in Herd of Seventeen

Disease Showed Itself Only a Few Days Ag — All Possible is Being Done for the Afflicted Animals and Every Precaution is Taken

A peculiar disease has broken out among the calves at the L.S. Coffin farm and is sweeping the animals off with terrible rapidity. Out of a herd of seventeen calves confined by themselves, ten are already reported dead and the most of the others are sick.

The disease made its appearance only a few days ago, but soon showed the serious nature int he  havoc it wrought among the calves it had attacked. The disease is an intestinal affection (Note: should be affliction?), and the animal attacked does not last long after the malady makes itself known. The veterinaries of the city who have been called on the case, have not as yet decided on the nature of it, but every precaution is being taken to keep it from spreading to other herds on the farm.

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