Railroad Name is Changed

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Aug. 19, 1904

Railroad Name is Changed

Carbon No Longer the Name of the Little Town

Railroad Name of This Place as Well as the Post Office Name has Been Changed

Carbon Junction at last is no more as the railroad name as well as the name of the post office has bbeen changed to Gypsum. Before the post office was located there the place was always known as Carbon Junction to every one in this part of the state. When the post office was located there the post office was given the name of Gypsum because of the fact that there was another town in the state by the name of Carbon. Besides the name Gypsum is more appropriate to the place because of the numerous gypsum mills located there. The railroad still continued to call their station “Carbon Junction,” but at last they too have changed the name and in the future when the brake man goes through the train, “Gypsum the next stop” will be his call instead of “Carbon Junction the next stop.” The ruling has already gone into effect and the name over the station has been changed.

The local freight office employees who were looking for a chance to grumble, said it was a wonder the bill clerk at Carbon could not bill his freight right as a bill which was sent out of there Thursday was headed Carbon, Iowa, when the new rule went into effect on that date.


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