The Boston Store Adopts Policy of Expansion

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 19, 1903

The Boston Store Adopts Policy of Expansion

Arrangements Have Been Practically Completed for Opening of Branch Store at Eagle Grove.

The Boston Store has entered upon a policy of expansion. A store building has been leased at Eagle Grove, a stock of goods is now being installed, and it is expected that the store will opened (sic) about the close of next week.

This is an experimental venture on the part of the Boston store. If the store at Eagle Grove is a success, it is planned to establish others at different points in the state. J.H. Walters, who has for several years been connected with the Boston store in this city will have charge of the new store.

The management of the Boston store is going on the policy of enlarging their opportunity  for buying stock feeling that the more stock they buy, the cheaper and better they will be able to buy it. They feel that their store at Eagle Grove should be a success from the ease and facility with which it can be supplied form the main house in this city.


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