Sues Mineral City Association

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 27, 1903

Sues Mineral City Association

$10,000 Damage Suit of Mrs. Hannah Williams in Court.

The Trial Was Begun Today.

Mrs. William is Brought Into Court in Invalid Chair – Much Interest in the Case.

Considerable interest is being taken in the case of Mrs. Nellie Williams vs. the Mineral City Park association, which came up for trial before district court today. Mrs. Williams is the Manson lady who was struck on the head by a bottle while watching the races held at the park last summer, and who claims to have been seriously injured on that account. The bottle which struck Mrs. Williams is supposed to have accidentally fallen from the band stand. Mrs. Williams sues for $10,000 damages.

The case consumed all today and will probably be of several days duration. The jury was impannelled (sic) this morning and the testimony of witnesses was taken this afternoon. Mrs. Williams was called to the stand to tell her story, and her testimony occupied a good part of the afternoon. She was brought into court in an invalid’s wheeled chair.

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