Old Year Ended in a Pandemonium

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The Fort Dodge Messenger: Jan. 1, 1903

Old Year Ended in a Pandemonium

Ringing of Bells and Blowing of Whistles Marked the Entrance of 1903

A Beautiful New Years Day

Holiday Was Quietly Observed in Fort Dodge. Many Skating Parties This Afternoon.

Every whistle and every bell in Fort Dodge tooted or rang a welcome to the Glad New Year exactly on the stroke of twelve on Wednesday night. Pandemonium resulted and the discharge of numerous shot guns, six shooters and other weapons of warfare added to the general jubilee untill (sic) it was better than the Fourth of July.

People who, contrary to tradition had gone to sleep without watching the old year out, were aroused from their slumbers in a hurry and were made to realize that an important event was happening.

Fort Dodge was favored with a beautiful New Years day. The sun greeted 1903 with a broad smile of approval, and the weather was ideal in every respect. Many merry parties took advantage of the holiday to try the ice, which was alive with skaters all the afternoon, and the good old custom of making New Years calls was indulged in by many.

Business houses were closed quite generally for at least a part of the day and the services at the Catholic church were largely attended.

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